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Basic Info

  • Man

  • Men

  • Kingdom of Vornair (NAE)

  • I am Count Starr's legal waifu

  • Message me and find out

  • Countess

  • A strong muscular man who can handle his liquor and women.

    Preferabbly one who plays runescape private servers, would be greatly appreaciated.

    Name has to be: Starrie or Starry

  • Starries_Edate, My_Love_Starrie

  • Count_Starr

  • Count_Starr

  • Countess Starr The Lover of Count Starr and Protector of Pepes

  • Family, Friends, Adventure, Love

  • -


  • 7'1" or more

  • Obese

  • Red

  • Bald

  • Owem


  • Crack

  • Daily

  • None

  • Castle

  • Brothel

  • Adventurer, Alchemist, Animal breeder, Animal tamer, Architect, Assassin, Bandit, Banker, Bard, Beekeeper, Blacksmith, Bounty hunter, Bower, Butcher, Candlemaker, Captain, Carpenter, Cartographer, Champion, Chef, Construction Worker, Courier, Crewmen, Cultist, Dungeon delver, Engineer, Explorer, Farmer, Fletcher, Glassblower, Gravedigger, Guard, Herbalist, Highwaymen, Hunter, Innkeeper, Law Enforcement, Leatherworker, Librarian, Lumberjack, Mayor, Medic, Mercenary, Merchant, Miner, Monster hunter, Musician, Noblemen, Papermaker, Ranger, Scout, Scribe, Shepherd, Sheriff, Smuggler, Soldier, Stone mason, Supplier, Tailor, Tanner, Teacher, Thief, Tinkerer, Town crier, Treasure hunter

  • Agnostic

  • Role Play God!

Home Life

  • Married(Not Looking)

  • With kids

Out of Character Information

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