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  • I'm a smol asian Kypiq boy who likes to be treated like a little child. I am obsessed with working out and my parents pay for all of my needs(except sexual). Looking for a Countess to spend all my trust fund on!

  • Yes

  • Count

  • I'm looking for a THICC Yoru dominatrix to teach me what a bad boy i am. I want you to dominate me in everything i do and be the mother i never had. I expect you to ERP with me 24/7 and be the lewdest girl in town.

  • Lee Bellum

  • My Right Hand

  • My Left Hand

  • Count

  • Family, Adventure, Love

  • 19


  • 4'0" or less

  • Athletic

  • Black

  • Black

  • Kypiq


  • Opium

  • Bird Milk

  • None

  • Brothel

  • Wood shop

  • Beekeeper, Cultist, Glassblower, Mayor, Noblemen, Smuggler, Town crier

  • Faedin

  • Role Play God!

Home Life

  • Single, never married

  • With parents

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