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Basic Info

  • Woman

  • Men

  • Non Affiliated (NAW)

  • I'm a lonely voluptuous Dras woman, ready for my Pale White Knight! <3

    I'm a dominatrix by trade, so if you have been a particularly naughty boy I will punish you as I see fit!

    Come set my ERP world on fire, bad boi wink

  • Message me and find out

  • Countess

  • ERP, lovers, money, message me on discord to ERP

    You pick the theme and just start it off, I'll go along with it.

  • Lira Dal Birn

  • Count Heathcliff

  • Count K

  • Countess

  • Family, Friends, Adventure, Love

  • 26


  • 5'1" - 5'3"

  • Voluptous

  • Black

  • Dark Brown

  • Dras


  • Crack

  • Bird Milk

  • Noble

  • Castle

  • Brothel

  • Adventurer, Beekeeper, Butcher, Gravedigger, Mayor, Noblemen

  • Followers of the Twofold Goddess

  • Role Play God!

Home Life

  • Married(Looking)

  • Alone, With pets

Out of Character Information

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