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Basic Info

  • Woman

  • Men, Women

  • Kingdom of Ashland (NAW)

  • A rather fine piece of petite chocolate looking for a true mann to take me on as his Mistress. Royalty only, commune need not apply.

  • No

  • Countess

  • Anyone interested in the lore behind my County, I have many establishments that would make for a good time for any weary travelers, and noble(wo)men alike. Follow the sounds of the running spring and you shall find my Oasis.

  • Awenita (Lunaus) Whitetail

  • Count Sterling Payne

  • Mistress

  • Family, Friends, Adventure

  • -


  • 5'10" - 6'0"

  • Thick

  • Brown

  • Black

  • Owem


  • Socially

  • Socially

  • Noble

  • Manor

  • Brothel

  • Adventurer, Alchemist, Animal breeder, Animal tamer, Bounty hunter, Dungeon delver, Herbalist, Hunter, Medic, Monster hunter, Noblemen, Ranger, Teacher, Treasure hunter

  • Qindred

  • Light

Home Life

  • Married(Looking)

  • With roommate(s)

Out of Character Information

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More Musings
  • lunaus is offline Posted 06/13/2016 03:44 PM
    by lunaus

    Looking for 2-3 other ladies who would like to be a musketeers esque group of brothel/tavern wenches! We will not only give men a rise in bed but in combat as well! PM me here or on the forums/Discord if you're interested. You won't have to affiliate yourself with me other than our small band, be on the NA server, and live within decent riding distance (a few days ... Read more


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