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  • Man

  • Women

  • Kingdom of Ashland (NAW) / Fioralba

  • Well hello there wink

    Just imagine yourself, in the middle of a forest. The Krypiq are chasing you down for your mystical pair of undergarments that will protect them from the Brudvir capturing them, and eating them. But when you think all hope is lost, a valiant Noble on a Horse come and cuts down 3 of the 4 little shits, and leaves 1 alive to tell his friends of what happened in front of you.  Yes my dear lass, that damsel in distress could be YOU!

    Hailing from the City of Dromina, one of the largest, richest, and most lavish looking Trade City's in Fioralba YOU could be with someone with so much money but with power that's confined to the city limits of his settlement. With you make this bachelors dreams come true?

    Well good ma'am, he likes to be tied up for the first part. Ladies have been known to call assassins after him in the past but all have failed due to the sexual desire and lust of this one individual. Counts and Countesses languish as to why this one man is allowed so much responsibility but are reminded about his charming rouge-like lips and slicked back hair.

    Lastly, have you every heard of a Nerian Kiss? It's a Tongue Kiss, but down under. If you enjoy that, and all what's bundled together in this... Why not swipe right and shoot me a carrier pigeon? I promise a response in 5-7 carrier pigeon days wink

  • Maybe

  • Baron

  • A strapping young lass who can keep up with my ventures over seas, can give me a good whipping, or stabbing, or what ever she prefers cause we're in that day in age, and can provide me with AN ABUNDANCE of super-Neran offspring to further the Thanidere bloodline.

  • Octavian Thanidere

  • N/A

  • N/A

  • Governor of Dromina

  • Family, Friends, Adventure, Love

  • 24


  • 5'10" - 6'0"

  • Athletic

  • Hazel

  • Dark Brown

  • Neran


  • No

  • Socially

  • Noble

  • Manor

  • Chef, Courier, Explorer, Farmer, Librarian, Mayor, Noblemen, Ranger

  • Agnostic

  • Medium

Home Life

  • Single, never married

  • Alone

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