Basic Info

  • Woman

  • Men, Women

  • Non Affiliated (EU)

  • This soul's interests are likely to change dramatically over its incarnations, but will almost invariably be interested in some form of craft and exploration rather than actively seeking out combat and strife.

  • No

  • Serf

  • I'd like to find a few like-minded people interested in the Lore, books and exploration. Possibly family but mainly friends.

  • Gudrun Rillasdochtr

  • Family, Friends

  • -


  • Slender

  • Green

  • Auburn

  • Brudvir


  • No

  • Socially

  • Explorer, Librarian, Scribe, Tailor

  • Faedin

  • Heavy

Home Life

  • Single, never married

  • With pets

Out of Character Information

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My Friends

  • grimboy

    I am a: Man

    I am interested in: Women


    Country: Kingdom of Tryggr (EU) / Kvasir

    Last online:

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