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  • Man

  • Women

  • Non Affiliated (NAW)

  • Lonely Dwarf commander in exile seeks other dwarf and non-dwarf companions for making both war, and love.  

    Also if you ignore my texts i will show up at your castle crying and drunk at 3 in the morning with an army and try to break in.

  • Maybe

  • Baron

  • A beautiful dwarf bride preferably, but non-dwarf brides will be considered.

    Greatsword mastery is also preferred.

  • Vucar

  • Supreme General

  • Friends, Adventure, Love

  • -


  • 4'0" or less

  • Monstrous

  • Gray

  • White/Gray

  • Erishé


  • No

  • Socially

  • Noble

  • Castle

  • Captain, Champion, Law Enforcement, Noblemen

  • Light

Home Life

  • Married(Looking)

  • Alone

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More Musings
  • vucar is offline Posted 07/25/2016 03:14 PM
    by vucar

    Its hard separating fact from humor on this site, which i think may have been intended.

    Humor aside, I am looking to make a friend to adventure with, and that's pretty much it. Currently not in any clans or guilds and no immediate intention to join any.

    I'll be on NA, i'll be focused on pvp (but you don't have to be), and I like light-RP for fun chit chat, but not during serious situations or
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  • vucar is offline Posted 07/21/2016 04:29 AM
    by vucar

    That one person that can totally handle themselves in a fight but is always attached to that other person who often times cannot do anything violent. I'm the first one.

    In particular, if you expect to be put in situations where you are way over your head, and want someone to commiserate with while the boat goes down, I fulfill that role admirably.

    If this sounds good to you, we should
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